Going in, I thought that Insidious: Chapter 2 (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2226417/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1) was going to kind of suck.  The beginning didn’t have that same kind of creepiness that the opening sequence did in the first movie.  However, there were times in Chapter 2 that we creepy.  So don’t get me wrong that they “sold out”, much like the Paranormal Activity franchise.


I like how the movie takes place at the same geographical location, but in different realms of reality – both spiritual and living.  That’s a pretty impressive thing to do.  Another thing that I liked in the movie was the use of handheld cameras.  This shows that they characters are wanting to capture the paranormal activity as it’s occurring in real time.  It also gives a sense that you are actually right there as the events are happening as if you were a character in the movie.


The color palette that they used in the movie helped give the sense that an extra sense of creepiness and suspense.  You wouldn’t know what was lurking in the dark and around the corner if it was bright outside, but anything can jump out at you if it was dark and hard to see.  The color palette also helps show the distance the characters feel from each other.  Warmer and brighter colors (reds, yellows, oranges, etc) give them impression of happiness, love, etc while darker and cooler colors (blues, purples, etc) give off a sense of being detachment.  Finally, I like how you can’t easily tell the spiritual world and the real world in the movie.  This shows that, in the case of being a clairvoyant, both have an influence on one another.


While watching the movie, I picked up on a couple of symbols.  One of these symbols is the sound of grandfather clocks and metronomes.  I took these sounds as the characters not knowing how much time they have left with each other or how time is running out for the family to solve the problems that they are facing?  That’s up to each person’s interpretation.  Another symbol that I picked up on while watching the movie was the two tin cans attached to a string.  I took this as a compass to knowing where the real world ends and where the spiritual world begins.  This can be seen when Dalton, the clairvoyant son, is trying to save his dad from being trapped in the spiritual world.  In addition, the tin cans that are attached to the string can be seen as the people who have clairvoyant abilities in the sense that they are more aware to the spiritual world than those who do not have those powers – the “strings” if you will.


Much like the first Insidious movie, the ending of number two sets up a possible third movie.  Hopefully it will do the series justice.

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