The movie Kick Ass 2 ( is a pretty good movie overall.  There was a good amount of action in number two and some well timed humor to go along with it (always a pleasure to have in an action movie).  I liked how they built on the storyline from the first movie where Kick Ass has inspired ordinary people to try to clean up the streets.  In addition, I liked how a group of superhero “wannabes”, if you will, got together to form a justice league to fight their foes.  What especially interested me was that, unlike in the first movie, you got to see the struggles that the main characters went through with balancing in their personal lives and their responsibilities with fighting crime.  This is readily seen when Hit Girl was trying to fit in with the other girls at her high school.  Lastly, one of the things that I loved throughout the movie was the underlying theme of “I can make a difference in the world” that ran throughout the movie.

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