Sharknado ( is one of those movies that you will have more fun making fun of it with your friends than actually paying attention to.  Before I started watching the movie, I thought to myself, “How can there possibly be a tornado made of sharks?”  Apparently, somehow, someway, there can be.  Interesting thought indeed, but not the best basis for a movie in my mind.  So, here are some thoughts that I had while watching the movie:

Parts of the movie was kind of noticeable it was shot on a green screen.  It sometimes looked kind of like a monster from a bad 1980s horror movie, which is saying something.  For instance, at one point in the movie, a tornado comes down and it looks more like a swirling group of clouds than an actual tornado.  If you are going to use CGI, then why not try to make it look somewhat like a tornado instead of clouds.


Another thing that I found not so strange for a movie with a budget of $1 million is that the sharks looked more robotic than real.  The sharks from the Jaws movies make Sharknado‘s sharks look like toys.  Talking about sharks, some of the ways that the characters kill the sharks is, in my mind, one of the most entertaining part of the movie.  But, seriously, how can you put a pool stick through a shark’s head or use a bar stool as a golf club and whack a shark’s head actually kill the shark?  An amazing kill happens when (warning – spoiler alert)  a character puts a helium tank in a shark’s mouth and another character shoots it.  If you like stuff blowing up, then you would love that moment in the movie.


The use of fake blood in the movie wasn’t very good.  It looked more like pasta sauce instead of blood.  Can someone say tasty?  In addition, the acting was subpar.  If these was a shark swimming up to you really fast, would you just sit there screaming your head off or run away?  The characters in the movie just sat there screaming and hoping that someone will do something about it.  These are the same characters that, get this, have the genius idea of trying to push a shark out of a house.  Yes, there are a lot of moments like this to make fun of throughout the movie.  Talking about acting and characters, it seems like there isn’t much of a script either.  One such moment is when a character is hitting a shark in the mouth with a baseball bat, for whatever reason, and another character is egging him on to kill it – as if that is possible.  Shark versus person with a baseball bat – shark wins.  This is another opportunity for you to make fun of the movie.

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