These days, it’s all about social media.  Who has the best one?  Which one will get you the most “likes” or fans?  These, among others, are important questions to ask.


These questions lead to the bigger question, “How do I get my video or photo project out there to as many people as possible?”  The answer is a complicated one with several factors to consider.  Where one social media is popular with younger people, another is owned by the biggest search engine conglomerate, while a third allows you to share your thoughts in 140 characters or less.  It’s true that Facebook has been a popular social media site since it began in early 2004, but it doesn’t have the same kind of widespread usability that Google has.  (Not to mention, the word “Facebook” hasn’t been added to the dictionary…yet.  Google – 1, Facebook – 0.)  Sure, you can find a lot of stuff on Facebook, but it’s predominately a site where people share things about themselves and even talk to friends from college.  On the other hand, Google+, according to their website, “…helps you build new connections, find interesting people and discover (new) content that can surprise and delight you” (  That is one of the main things that distinguishes Google+ from Facebook.  Of course, there are many other reasons, but I don’t want to list all of them.  As a disclaimer, I’m not trying to take sides on which one is “better” – I’m pointing out that each social media site has something unique to offer.


In my mind, the best way to get your videos and photos “out there” to as many people as possible is to have as many social media accounts as possible.  Instead of uploading the same thing over and over again to all of your pages, why not link them together so you can upload it only once?  That way, all you have to do is add it to one account and, BAM, it’s on the other ones.  But that doesn’t mean that you can cut corners.  You still have to produce outstanding videos and photos.  You may ask yourself, “But how can I make sure that my work stands out against the rest?”  One way is to make sure is to not produce something that’s too similar to what someone else is making.  For example, if you’re making a music video, study how music videos are being made and use different camera angles in your video.  That way, when someone watches your video, they are more inclined to stop what they’re doing and watch the video.  Bottom line, stay creative, don’t underestimate your creativity and don’t be afraid to try something new.


Another thing you can do is create your own website where you can, yet again, put your work up for people to see.  Unlike your social media pages, your website will take more time and effort to maintain.  Even though it’s a lot more work than a social media page, where practically all the work is done for you, you can make your website look the way you want it to look.  You can customize it the way you want with things your own color scheme and pages within the site.  You can even have links to, you guessed it, your social media pages.  If people see a link to your website on one of your social media pages, they are more likely to click it and check it out.  If they like your site, people will tell their friends to check it out and these friends will tell their friends who tell their friends and so on.  In other words, word of mouth can help you get more opportunities to do something that you love doing.  Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot of hard work and the road to the top is long and windy.  But you can’t let that bring you down.  After all, did The Clash or The Ramones give up because people said that they weren’t very good?  No, they didn’t.  The reason why both bands are in the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame is because they didn’t give up and weren’t afraid to stand out against the crowd.

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